Nourishing & Delicious.

The food at Sussex Retreats is both nourishing and delicious. Each day’s menu is thoughtfully designed and prepared with care and respect tailored to your personal requirements.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

– During your stay you can experience and enjoy skillfully prepared vegetarian cuisine including fresh fruits, vegetables and organic wholesome foods. When available fresh, organic vegetables and herbs are sourced from local farms. We love to enhance the wonderful vegetable dishes, adding amazing flavours to delight your taste buds.
Chickpea salad
Green salad

Local food, grown well.

We are lucky enough to have several local farms who take pride in producing real food. Food that is organic, grown to season and tastes as food should.
Our chef sources from these farms whenever available.

Local Produce

Nutritious, delicious food.

Start the day with a divine breakfast setting you up for the morning’s activity. Daily lunch and dinner menus will be in the communal room. Plan to please your taste-buds, the ordinary tastes extraordinary at Sussex Retreats.
You might want a simple tea, or you might, as many do, have a little slip, a wee sin, and a sliver of delicious hand baked cake.

Keralan Curry

Always Available.

It is your time at the retreat and you might want a drink or a snack at any time.
We stock a healthy range and, given notice, will try and fulfill your needs.

Allergies & In-tolerances

Please advise us before your arrival of any allergy or special dietary requirement. We are only too happy to help.