Sussex Retreats - the People

Emily Copeman-Barnes, is the owner of Sussex Retreats. She graduated from The University of Brighton and has a background in the caring professions, having worked at The National Epilepsy Centre, still working at Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital and St James & St Peter Hospice.
She had her earlier education whilst living in North and South America and is fluent in Spanish.
Emily prides herself on her love of people, she exudes great enthusiasm, charm & warmth. She aims to provide the very best personal service to her guests supported by a dedicated team of administrators, chefs, cleaners, gardeners & maintenance contractors.

The beginning

Emily’s family started The Quilt Retreat for Quilters. With the realisation that the excellent facilities could be used for many other types of retreats, Emily started Sussex Retreats in 2018 achieving successful events with Yoga & as a film shoot location.

The core

The core of how the Sussex Retreat functions is that you choose what you want to do. It might be Yoga, it might be crafts and many other types of activities ~ it is your retreat, and we are here to help.

We hope the calm of the retreat, the tranquil rural setting and our quiet help will enable you & your group to enjoy a renewed peace and wellness.